Proper Home Bar Dimensions And Height

Standard Bar Overhang

Home Bar Dimensions – A wet bar home becomes an entertainment center for guests so you want enough space to accommodate those who have fun at your next party. The design of the bar and the availability of space both play a key role in establishing the dimensions of your bar. From a general plan in mind helps Zone in the specific sizing of the entertainment space.

The specific elements that you want to include in the wet bar will affect how large the area will be. A small sink bar is usually used, along with a mini refrigerator, workspace counter and shelves or racks for glasses and other necessities. You may also want a separate wine storage unit to keep the bottles at optimal temperatures. Get the measurements of each component you want to include to ensure that you can put everything in the space.

If you want a seating area in front of the bar area, it has additional dimensions to consider. The typical bar height is 42 inches from the floor to the top of the bar counter. If you are going to place bar stools on the counter, you need at least 12 inches of cantilever on the front side of the bar. You can reduce the amount of 6 inches if guests barely stay at the bar. When determining the length of the front area of the bar, get out 2 feet per bar stool for extra comfort.

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