Sunroom With Fireplace Plans

Sunroom With Fireplace Set

Sunroom with fireplace can add design and warmth to decks, patios and backyards. They can serve as a design focal point or as a complementary background feature. Homeowners can choose from a wide range of outdoor fireplace designs and materials. If you are planning to add an outdoor fireplace to your house or porch, there are several different types available to meet your decor and budget needs.

Fireplaces are perfect places to entertain family and friends. You can construct an outdoor fireplace as a do-it-yourself project. To complete the project, you need plans. An outdoor fireplace is built of brick. The bricks are stacked in a three-sided rectangular structure. If you plan to cook over a fireplace, you can add a cast iron grid over the top of the rectangular structure. The plan can be modified to create different sizes and shapes for your fireplace.


Measure the area where you want to build the fireplace with a measuring tape. Determine which dimensions would be appropriate based on the size of the space and your needs. Choose a shape for the fireplace. An ordinary outdoor fireplace is rectangular, but you can make a plan for a round, oval or square fireplace. Determine which materials you want to use based on the style of your home exterior. A traditional red brick would be well suited for traditional homes, while a rustic country home can best be complemented by bricks with an older look. Bricks come in a variety of earth colors that suit every home style.